Leather Peplum x Rose Gold Sneakers

This little peace sign graffiti tag is right outside my office and for the last two years I’ve been meaning to have an outfit shoot here. Today, thanks to my coworkers Lauren, Nikki and Ashley it finally happened! 


This whole outfit is just full of stories. The leather peplum came to me as a trade with my bff Lauryn. I forked over this printed crop top and in return snagged this bad boy. I love the top and thought paired with some rose gold sneakers it makes for a perfect high-low combo on a casual Friday. 


I picked up the new Nike Blazer sneakers at the Barney’s in Park Slope when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. I LITERALLY had to fight for them. As I was trying on the last pair in a size 7 a woman suggested that she was more worthy because she was… wait for it… a MOM. Apparently, moms deserve comfy but cool shoes. I believe in a much more engrained philosophy of I SAW THEM FIRST and made sure they barely left my feet on the way to the register. Don’t worry, she fought hard, but of course I won. 

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