Get Carried Away – The Perfect Weekender Bags

I’m often asked about my choices or recommendations for carry on luggage and know first hand it can be difficult to find something that is stylish and durable. 


My parents picked me up this glorious Longchamp Boxford bag for my birthday last year and I cannot say enough good things about this bag, especially at this price point ($320). 


I love soft duffel carry ons for a few reasons:

– They’re super chic and remind me of a very serious Grace Kelly moment of throwing a beautiful bag in the trunk of a beautiful convertible.

– The softer fabrics make for stuffing ungodly amounts of stuff into your bag (and in the overhead space) totally doable.

– A fabric that isn’t leather tends to weigh a little less and doesn’t feel like such a pain to drag around. 

My only precaution when selecting a weekend is to pick one that is a true weekender, you don’t want to get an overnight bag – you’ll need the extra space, so splurge on the size up! 

A few other favorites of mine at a variety of price points: 

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