A Farmhouse Wedding

A few weeks ago JPC and I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful farmhouse wedding for our dear friends. JP was a groomsman, and I have been so lucky to become wonderfully close with the bride (remember our amazing bachelorette trip to Memphis?!) and the groom as well. 


The weekend away in the country was exactly what the doctor ordered and the events of the 3 days were spectacular. 


Everything was just picture perfect with the right amount of je ne sais quoi – an extra affectionate horse and a potentially haunted mansion rounded out the weekend quite nicely.


The fab upscale pig roast was well, phenom…because PORK. We ate, drank tons of champagne and just partied hard. 


Of course, seeing two of your friend who truly love each other commit for well, eternity is pretty cool too. 


The best news? JPC and I now have a perfect GIF that sums up our relationship quite nicely 😉 

wedding-fun on Make A Gif

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