Recap: Rollin’ on The River

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the Rolling on The River, a casino themed cocktail party and fundraiser for The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. It was a fantastic party with enough funny money to make us all feel like gambling elite.


I am a lucky lucky gal – not only am I regularly invited to fantastic parties, LIKE THIS ONE. I’ve never had to worry about going hungry or not knowing where I am going to sleep, how I will get to and from work, etc. Just yesterday I learned that 52% of children in Cleveland proper live in poverty. I LIVE IN CLEVELAND. These are my neighbors. 


The mission of The Hunger Network is to provide emergency food distribution to Cuyahoga County. They provide over 75% of the food and hot meals to our county. They serve over 6 million meals a year.

If you can, make a donation here.


My donation came in the form of a silent auction purchase. GIVE ME ALL THE WINE AND I WILL BUY SOMETHING (it’s for a good cause, lay off me…). I ended up scoring ‘DJ for a Day’ with the fab folks at Fees Kompany, the morning show at Q104. So get ready Cleveland, me and 10 friends are coming for Festive Friday in your ear on your morning commute. 


Can we also take a moment and talk about JPC’s amazing red blazer? Only he would buy a custom suit with a red sport coat… but for stuff like this, it’s golden… he was a hit. 


I busted out my ever-trusty Hervé, while pricy – it’s a closet-must if you ask me, I mean, think about the cost per wear here ladies. The beautiful Smitten in CLE wore a J Crew skirt (with pockets!).  It’s perfect for evenings like this. 

Disclosure: I was given a set of tickets for myself and another pair for a giveaway in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

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