Side Boob – The New Crop Top

A few weeks ago I wore a dress to a wedding that showed major side boob – well, as major as it can get when you wear an A cup bra.  The dress (and my side boob) got a ton of attention…and I really hope my nipples didn’t make it into any of the professional photos.

Since then, after talking with a few other gals, we’ve come to the conclusion that side boob is the new crop top. Cue a styling session with Sahm at Brigade and I’m rocking this fab Helmut Lang pullover dress. 

I love Helmut Lang because it’s just so damn simple. The dresses are easy to wear and flattering on all body types. While blog is the new black, black will always be the new black and only playing in black and whites makes finding the perfect option quite easy. 

Helmut Lang Dress (similiar) / Rag & Bone Purse / Vince Heels

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