Winter Escape: Cartagena

In just a short two weeks JPC and I will be taking our talents to… SOUTH AMERICA. We’ll be beach bound, eating seafood and pounding cocktails. It will be our first ever vacation alone.


Photo via BoomsBeat

I love to travel over the holidays – to be there is no better present that a white sand beach when there is typically 10 feet of snow on the ground at home. This year – we’ll be spending Christmas, JPC’s birthday and New Year’s in Cartagena, a beautiful coastal city in Colombia… heavy on Caribbean and Spanish influence (colonization will do that).


To prep and get in the mood I’ve been reading Love in The Time of Cholera, as author Gabriel Garcia Márquz, spent much of his life in Cartagena. Not only will I be knocking off a 2013 resolution of visiting a new country, but I’ll also be hitting the South American continent for the first time…ever. 


My new double framed sunnies from Re/Dress, picked up at The Flea! 

So, beaching it up in the middle of Winter calls for some serious shopping – after all, there’s nothing like celebrating the sun after not seeing it for a few months. Here’s my list of must-haves: 

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