Vegas Vacation – A Recap

A few weeks back I mentioned I’d be taking an inaugural Nocero-girls vacation to Las Vegas. Well, we saw, we came, we conquered and my mother, sister and I made it back to Cleveland without killing each other 😉 

Jokes aside, we had a fab trip. Vegas with your mother and sister might not be the first idea that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas – but we had  a ton of fun drinking, dining, gambling and partying in LV. Some highlights from our trip if you’re looking for something a little less rage-y from your trip to Sin City: 

Nevada Wine Tour: 

We hiked it out of the city into the desert for an official wine tour that kicked off with mimosas on our limo bus. PARTY ON. We only went to two vineyards, and most of the grapes are brought in from Cali, but whatever… they were fab and we had a great day getting drunk with strangers. Definitely something different, the tour includes transportation, lunch and tons of wine. Sign up here


Emeril’s steakhouse inside of the Ventian. Fab fine dining, ate a honkin’ steak and felt like a REAL AMERICAN. Also, this place is CRAWLING with sexy men… sexy men eating steaks. Great eye candy to go with a great meal.  


Just the opposite of Emeril’s steakhouse, Giada’s namesake restaurant is the utmost girly retreat. Soft color palettes, beautiful decor and amazing art allllll rollled into a pretty killer Italian feast. Giada makes a lot of people crazy, but I like her. I also like that she’s rumored to be kinda naughty… my kind of girl 😉 

Comme Ça

Located inside of The Cosmopolitan, this French restaurant was recommend by my chef and foodie friend, Stephen (hi Stephen!). This restaurant, like everything in The Cosmopolitan is just…cool. Chalkboard art, hot servers, and amazing food. The Escargot Pie with a fois gras gravy— kill me now.. so freaking delish. 

La Reve

Ok – this was my first Vegas show. I 100% get why people are obsessed with Cirque shows. These people are freaks of nature in the best way possible. Their bodies are INSANE. The production level was the most out of control thing I’d ever witnessed. I’d go back just to see another show. If you’re going to Vegas, don’t skip it. This one was at my favvoorritteee hotel, The Wynn. 

Surrender – Lil Jon… just for good measure. 

Speaking of The Wynn… Surrender has a standing gig with Lil Jon – hilartown. My sister and I got on a list for free drinks and VIP entry. Of course he was insane screaming at me to make my knees touch my elbows and we were right up front. His DJ booth is a mock of OF HIS FACE. He’s awesome. 

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