Beauty Review: Sephora Sheet Mask

I received just the most perfect little stocking stuff from JPC’s aunt and his mom – single use Sephora Sheet Masks ($6 a pop, go grab a handful for the beauty lover in your life). 


They probably had no idea, but I LOVE these things. You know who really loves creepy sheet masks? KOREANS. You can snag these with the craziest product promises for a $1 a piece anywhere in Seoul. There totally amazing, cheap, easy and really make me feel like I’ve done something to keep myself from looking totally beat down. Bonus? You totally look like a Silence of The Lambs skin-wearing serial killer. 

So, the Sephora masks – run and grab some. Yesterday I was hungover and tired, which means I was mad dehydrated. Which means my skin looked like shit. I came home from a longgggg Sunday, washed my face, indulged in the honey mask that promises increased moisture and skin balance, and voila… 15 minutes later I looked like a took a nice nap and drank alot of lemon water. AKA I looked semi-normal after hurting my body allll Saturday night.

You know who else loves sheet masks – Jenna Dewan Tatem… but she wears them in public, multi-tasking at it’s best 😉 

I’ll do a Korean beauty update soon – it will blow your mind 😉 

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