CoNo Takes Colombia – The Fashion Edition

I’ve been back from Cartagena for a little over a week now, and still I’ve been sitting silent on this little blog here. Creative sharing can be very interesting that way – I have so many things I want to say, but words can’t do it justice… and if they could, where would I start?


So, I’m starting with the simplest option for recapping a fantastic 8 day maiden voyage to Cartagena – the fashion. Jetting off from Cleveland’s frigid temps to a tropical summer just a few hours south meant – colors, prints, and plenty of skin. 


The perfectly accented background, the glorious sunsets, the beautiful beaches, and the architecture so stunningly European with the best bits of Caribbean and Afro-pop, made styling just so effortless. 


So I’ll be honest – I overpacked. I spent most of my time here in one of the several swimsuits I packed, in addition to the two others I picked up while there. After all, while in South America, do as the South Americans and wear a full force proper thong to every poolside event. (more on that later…)


Cartagena during the holiday is a must-do destination for any well heeled Colombian, the people turn out RIGHT & READY to party after each evening’s siesta. Dinners, drinks and dancing to the wee morning hours are standard. So I brought out all of my dancing clothes, let my hair air dry in the sweltering heat and let my deep dark tan take the place of most of my makeup. Quite easy, no?


Everyone here is beautiful – sexy, smiling and just ready to have FUN. It sounds cheesy – but slap on a smile (with your designer shoes) and you’ll fit in just fine… as long as you salsa dance your ass off while pounding mojitos. 

Next up – the food. Oh the food.. stay tuned 😉 

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