Happiness in A Box

If only it were that simple, right? Happiness is a very very tricky thing. I’m lucky – naturally I am a pretty happy person. Heck, I even won something like ‘most smiley’ ((is that a thing?!)) in high school. Even still, day to day happiness can be, even for me, a real challenge.


This time of year is especially hard for me to focus on the good – the holidays are over, winter is dark and cold and it can be difficult to find things that remind me I’m lucky. I know this sounds like a major white whine, but it’s true – Winter is not my friend.

Now, we’ve all seen the countless articles with some derivative of the title ‘7 Tips For Happiness Today’, etcBut here is the thing – it’s true. It’s been proven that we can impact our own happiness – so much that 40% of our happiness is in our own control. By taking care of yourself, your mind and body will reward you – sometimes it’s just super hard to focus on on those tasks that do good. We all know the recipe, but putting it into practice, that’s something else entirely.


A Cleveland based company – Thrive-Box sought out to fix that issue and to make focused happiness as easy as possible. They’ve created a literal box of happiness, that you can order for yourself or a loved one. The entire experience is hand crafted to increased focused happiness from the very moment you click ‘order’. Each recipient not only receives a box of goodies, but receives a letter, email, and playlist to heighten the experience. 

Now, I can’t tell you what’s in the box – it’s part of the surprise, but I can tell you that it’s thoughtful and luxurious and well… simple too. The best part? Thrive-Box hires people with disabilities to pack and ship the boxes, so not only will you brighten someone’s day buy ordering them a box, but you can know you’re doing good purchasing something from a company that gives good back all along the way. 

So, have someone that needs a pick me up? Do YOU need a pick me up? Thrive-Box could be the catalyst that makes all the difference. I’ll tell you this too – it’s a gift that is more than material. We’ve all been in a situation where we send flowers or a card to a loved one in need… but this is something that can truly help – it can be more than a gesture or a thought (though yes, that’s what’s truly important) but this can be more.

Thrive-Box is looking to spread the message of happiness and has been kind enough to offer you dear readers, a discount code. So, send someone you love a box of love – a cure for the winer blues, a Valentine’s Day treat, or just because.

At check-out, use discount code: secret agent happy for 10% off. 

As always – if I didn’t love it or believe it myself, I wouldn’t be sharing it here with you. If you do get one, shoot me a note and tell me about your experience, I’d love to swap stories.

Disclosure: Thrive-Box provided me with a box of my own for free and the discount code for my readers in return for this post. All opinions are my own. 

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