I Love You, Snail Mail

As a February baby the month of love means more than Valentine’s Day to me. Two of my best friends also have February birthdays and I just love getting a proper birthday card in the mail – so I try and do the same for them as well.


I’m just so over quantifying my Facebook ’HBD Nadine!’ as a representation of people who love me and people I love. If I really love you, you’re getting a card. You’re probably getting a present and at least 10 tequila shots too, because getting old is hard.


So, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day or nothing at all; work up a card for someone you love and send it along. I can promise this, it will brighten their day. 

If writing up and mailing a hand done card isn’t your thing, Treat makes it super simple. You pick the card, upload a cute photo, type out your message and they’ll even send it snail mail for you.

If sending a card is too much – there are other great ways to say I love you via snail mail…send some flowers (the office, natch), pick out a monthly subscription box, or send something ship something adorable from their favorite retail store. Give it a go – and PLEASE tell me what you send and how it ends up. 

How will you celebrate the people you love this Valentine’s Day? 

Also, if you’re looking for the perfect shade of red nail polish for the holiday weekend – peep my manicure and pick up a bottle of OPI’s Big Apple Red here. 

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