The Black Box: Kumar Arora

My newest series – The Black Box: Peeking Into The Best Closets is back! This time, we’re getting the goods from the opposite sex, which unless we’re talking about JPC, you don’t see many MEN around these parts. I’m so excited to introduce you to Kumar Arora, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, total babe and all around good guy. Kumar’s business background is fashion, so that should say it all as why he’s being featured as my first male interviewee. 

Name: Kumar Arora

Age: 28

Location: Cleveland, OH

Career: Entrepreneur

How would you describe your personal style? 

GQ/Trendy is my usual style. I like to mix it up with a blazer and hoodie for colder days but I usually try to keep it classy. For guys, its easy to keep a clean cut style for everyday use – at work, after hours, or at a party. 

What/Who inspires your fashion choices?

Style is ever-changing. I usually like to stick to a style that works for me, than to allow fashion trends to dictate my own taste. I’m always looking for independent brands, local artists, and unique pieces that are difficult to find. 

What’s the one thing in your closet you can’t live without?

Accessories. I feel like every guy needs to add accessories to develop their wardrobe. Cool ties, watches, sunglasses always can take your outfit to the next level. Its not just your favorite pair of jeans or that go-to black suit. 

What are your three favorite places to shop? 

I’m always about shopping online. It’s hard enough to find brands locally or the right cut. I’m always keeping up with ZARA, Noose & Monkey, Everlane, River Island, Top Shop.

If Blog isn’t The New Black, what is? 

Well, it’s not everyday you own a streetwear brand or an eyewear company that started in Cleveland. Check us out!

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