New Season, New White Specs

Spring is here! Or so they say… to kick off the new season I decided to up my accessory game with a new pair of specs. Firmoo.com, similar to Warby Parker reached out to me with an opportunity to order a new pair and I thought – what better time to than now to pick something in line with the season. 

Enter my new white eyeglasses:

People either love them, or think I look ridiculous, like this:  

In all seriousness, I’ve gotten more comments from strangers on these than with anything I’ve ever worn… the compliments are also 50/50 from men and women… just something interesting thing that’s never really happened. 

So, if you’re interested in changing up your look and doing so on a pretty inexpensive way, Firmoo.com is a great bet. These frames (and Rx lens retail for $15, on sale from only $39). So pick a pair up! 

Disclosure: Firmoo.com reached out to me to review their site and product. All opinions are my own. 

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