DIY: Ripped Skinny Jeans

I’ve been dying for a pair of sexy ripped up skinny jeans for some time, but to sound like a complete practical old lady (is this even really me?!) I can’t justify buying a pair of jeans with holes in them for a few hundred dollars. So, I thought, hell, I’ll make myself a pair. Even with my awful motor skills, I should be able to figure something out. Lo and behold, even I can shred a pair of jeans.


So, start off with a reliable but super inexpensive pair of jeans, that way if you do happen to totally destroy them – you don’t have to feel too bad about it. Destroyed or otherwise – you know my favorite denim go-to is the Old Navy Rockstar Skinny. I own about 6 pairs – blue, grey, black and now white. 


Then gather your supplies: 

An inspiration photo. Because it’s always nice to have a guide. My girlfriend Danielle sent me this amazeball photo of Kristin Cavallari and I just KNEW.

A heavy weight piece of card stock to slip inside the jean so you don’t accidentally cut all the way through.

An exacto knife with a fresh blade.

Sandpaper for some finishing touches.

Your iPhone in case someone texts you or you need moral support (goes without saying…)

Get crafting:

Pencil out where you want to make your cuts – eyeball it at first, but then slip them on to make sure they’re hitting your thighs and knees appropriately. We’re trying to look juicy like a Kardashian… so make it count. 


Slip your card stock in the pant leg and make the quickest and cleanest cuts you can.  I also made a silly little YouTube video of me actually cutting the jeans, and you can see it here


Sandpaper around the edges of the pockets (front and back) and the bottom hem if you like (I skipped that part).


Wash and dry them twice. 


Put them on, call your girlfriend and immediately wear them to a happy hour. 

Get the full look: Target Blouse//Leopard Belt//Old Navy Jeans//Steven Shoes

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