A Story About a Dress

Isn’t it weird how sometimes we can’t recall a single thing about what we did a day ago, a week ago, or a month ago but certain days, certain events.. for not one reason or another, stick like glue? That’s how I feel about the day I bought this dress.

I bought this dress on Valentine’s Day, in the middle of a terrible snowstorm.. probably the worst snowstorm of the season. I was suppose to co-host a Galentine’s day party at Haven Style House, in the suburbs, and picked up one of my best girlfriends before we made the snowy trek. About four miles into the journey we knew it wouldn’t happen and that if we continued we’d die the most boring death in my Hyundai in a snow bank…not how either of us were trying to go down. I knew I needed a dress for dinner that evening so we made an emergency run, within the few mile radius of our homes, to Evie Lou. Within minutes we snagged this dress up for the evening’s occasion and hightailed it straight to Tremont Tap House

We then proceeded to get very very drunk, because, what else are you suppose to do in the middle of a snowstorm 2 days before you reach the last birthday of your twenties and said best friend is newly single on the lovey-est holidays of the year?! So, some retail therapy, a few bottles of Sav Blanc, and a game of phone roulette were just the distraction we probably both needed. 

My birthday is always a very weird time for me… and this year was no exception, except said distractions and the gift of a selfie stick and the Jeff Goldblum shirt I’m WEARING RIGHT NOW, made all the difference.

Cue a nap, a splash of cold water and some fresh makeup and myself and the dress were ready to have a killer Valentine’s Day with the man I’ve celebrated the last 4 Valentine’s Days with.

The dress is a knock out with these deep winter florals….hopeful for spring, but also translates quite nicely now that the weather’s finally turned, as you can see.

Some other picks on perfect deep floral cocktail dresses, for any occasion:

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