Beauty Buys: Hair & Skin

I just got a new hair dresser. Well, we’re not into repeat visits so I guess it’s not so new. BUT I LOVE HER and you need to know. If you live in Cleveland – her name is Kat Bishop. Go see her, she’ll do you right. She is a magician.


One thing this magician did was hook me up with some thermal protection detangler from Prive, a product line that she is an ambassador for. Now, I missed the memo that you should NEVER NEVER NEVER blow dry your hair naked. I’ve been doing it for 20 some years and have just been lucky enough that until recently, my hair could take the heat damage. Now that I’m using a few pumps of the Prive prior to every blow out I’ve noticed that my hair is significantly smoother and the blow out looks way more in control for a few extra days. No ‘fro growin’, no tangles, just smooth blow outs for days. if you’re not using a protection spray after a blow dry, try it out. It’s the only product I’m saying is now a ‘must-have’ in my hair routine (other than wash, rinse repeat).

In case you were wondering, I figured I’d also share three other products I’m loving at the moment:

Eb5intense anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream. If you read my last beauty update, you know how I was completely underwhelmed by the Bobbi Brown intensive night cream I purchased. Well just like a sign from God – these two products from Eb5 show up on my doorstep for a review. I was hesitant for sure, especially after being so let down by a $60 night cream. Eb5 is US based, from Portland, Oregon, and has been in the skincare game for about 50 years. You can grab their products online here or from most ULTA’s. They’re price point is much friendlier than some department store lines and so far I am SO MUCH HAPPIER with what this cream does for my face. It reduces redness and my dry batches are much less so, all without any greasy residue. Also, Eb5 was kind enough to offer 10% off to my readers! Just enter the code BLOGGERGIFT at checkout!

Aveda Beautifying Body Cleanser – if you’re a diehard BTNB reader, you know that Aveda’s Beautifying Oil is a holy-grail product of mine. It’s my Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Windex. I’m obsessed. Well, apparently I’m not the only one because they’ve come out with a body cleanser for the line! I love the smell and benefits of such a lush cleanser, I’m super focused on moisturizing my skin and this is a great piece in the arsenal.

Full disclosure: I was provided the Prive and Aveda products as a gift as a gift, and sent the Eb5 by their PR team for review. I would not endorse products that I did not wholeheartedly believe in.

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