3 Day Juice Cleanse – A Recap

So, nearly two years after being the proud owner of a juicer, I finally took the plunge and tried out a juice cleanse. My friend and coworker needed a support buddy, and lord knows I’d never be able to do it alone anyway, so I jump aboard with her and we embarked on our journey…


We picked up our 3 day, 6 per day juice cleanse from Beet Jar in Hingetown. Aside from needing a support buddy, I also needed a juice bar that was down the street from my house – to ensure success. Beet Jar juices all organic produce and is, well, amazing.


So, where to begin? Let’s just run it day-by-day.


I knew the easiest way to make my body feel less shock was to start to weed out the bad shit prior to going all in on the cleanse. I stopped eating most refined carbs, amped up the veggies and cut out all meat. Before evening beginning my cleanse I lost 3 pounds (YESSSS).

Day 1:

Worst part? No coffee. I drink 5-7 cups of coffee a day. This was probably the worst part of the cleanse, the withdrawal was awful. You know what helps? GREEN TEA. Thank god for green tea. Overall, I felt ok – I ate healthy the day before, but didn’t panic about not being able to chew. With 6 juices a day, you end up drinking ever 90 minutes or so. The spacing of the juices keeps the hanger pains at bay. Luckily for me, as a regular juicer, I think all the drinks taste delicious. Best side effect of day 1? I passed out and slept a rock-solid 10 hour sleep.

Day 2:


This is a day I could murder someone over. I WAS SO HANGRY. I felt hopeless. There wasn’t enough green tea in the world. I held out – but was very very cranky. This day lots of weird stuff started happening to my body – My skin, which is typically pretty nice, started to look disgusting. I was grey – my eyes seemed dull. My tongue turned totally white. It looked super fuzzy. I had an unbelievable amount of phlegm to cough up – it was like I had a bad head cold. While I was looking forward to my stomach looking flat as a board – the opposite happened. I became so bloated I looked pregnant. I’ve looked thinner after Thanksgiving day meals. So, all I could hope was that it meant it was working. My body was trying real hard to get rid of all the garbage. My savior on this day? The Cashew Mylk – it is like a delicious drink from heaven.

Day 3:

Creepy side effects continue… all the google-ing I do really makes me believe I’m on the cusp of something awesome. The internet tells me that after day 3, the good stuff starts happening, the weight loss. Also – I feel phenomenal this day. I feel like I could never eat real food again and be totally ok with it. I actually panic a bit about how I’ll deal with real food. After the struggle I don’t want to just turn around a put a bunch of crap back in my body. I spend the evening swaying back and forth as to whether I should continue the cleanse a 4th day. I decide not to – along the reasoning that it’s expensive ($50 a day) and it’s kind of anti-social to not eat or cocktail for days.

Post- Cleanse:

I made it. Real food day. I did this cleanse hoping it would help me recalibrate my body – help me kick out all the crap I’m always craving – it worked. In fact, I’ve reduced my coffee intake to about 1-2 cups a day. Another bonus? By the end my skin ended up looking amazing – I was glowing. I was shocked at how good it looked without make up on. Now – for the final stats, weight loss.

Drum roll pleasseeeeeee

I lost a whopping 1.8 lbs. (LOLz). Here is what anyone who cares about juicing will tell you – it’s not about weight loss. But listen to me when I tell you the truth – I (and everyone else) just wants a simple solution for weight loss success. This just didn’t do it for me. My body didn’t want to give it up. Good news – I’ve kept off that 1.8 lbs. So it wasn’t just the lack of mass missing from my stomach (I went up a pound or two after eating and then it disappeared again). I can say – my friend that I went on this journey with lost 5 freaking pounds – which is awesome.

I think the cleanse was an awesome way to take a break. To refocus. I LOVE food. I love it a little too much. This was a reminder that not every day, every meal needs to be a celebration. That I can eat just for nutrition, just for health. For that, I look forward to doing it again and again, whenever I slip up a little too much.

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