A Night at The Museum

If we’re being honest, I’ve had a lot of nights out lately. There have been a lot of bar adventures. One of my favorite, less typical evenings out, was spent at the Monet to Matisse exhibit for a media preview at The Cleveland Art Museum a month or so back.

When the museum calls (or emails, because 2015) and says, join us for french wines (ALL THE SANCERRE), snacks from Doug Katz and a walk through of the largest collection of garden paintings from Monet and his contemporaries, in conjunction with The Royal Academy of Arts in London, you grab of one your favorite people to spend time with and you go go go.

First, the exhibit is unbelievable. It’s truly stunning. It’s the ONLY US venue to host these paintings (over 100 of them).  It ends on 1/5, so if you live in Cleveland, or are visiting Cleveland, please go. Please go and take in all the warmth and beauty of the paintings and transport yourself to the French countryside. It’s a freaking romantic feeling.


I brought a friend who makes me feel a lot of things. When Scott and I go do just about anything together, it guarantees funny, weird, and amazing things will happen. This adventure was no exception.


While saddled up to one of the high tops enjoying our wine before heading into the exhibit a man joined us at the table, who seemed, busy…stressed…slightly overwhelmed. We encouraged him to drink his entire glass of wine and then fill us in on the details. Well, the reason he was stressed, or overwhelmed, was because he was actually William Robinson, curator of the exhibit. As I can only imagine; months of hard work coming to fruition is always overwhelming. We proceeded to enjoy more wine, and chat about all of the paintings that we couldn’t wait to see. There was one painting in particular that Scott was looking forward to, and Mr. Robinson eluded to one of the paintings being special, it so turns out after a bit of prying…. it was the same painting Scott was so looking forward to seeing – Van Gogh’s Garden in Auvers, on loan from a private collection. A bizarre meet/cute that pointed to nothing ever being an accident and queued us up quite nicely for our little tour.


To say that we enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement. To say that the Van Gogh was anything less than breathtaking would still not do it justice. So go, please go, and enjoy a day (or Wednesday night) at the Museum.

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