Old Fashioned, Fashioned Up!

In a world where everything is on demand and instant (HELLO INTERNET!) some things that take time are still sacred, like craft cocktails. That being said, when you’re running to holiday party after holiday party and you need something right freaking now to bring/drink, Watershed Distillery decided to create something that fed right into instant gratification.



Cue their pre-mixed Old Fashioned. As a cocktail lover, and a decently serious bourbon lover – this is good. So good, that my guest and I decided to open the gifted bottle after we got home and enjoy yet another cocktail, but mostly while horizontal in bed, because we already had our fair share of the drink at the party. It’s so good. Gentleman, pick it up for your friends. Ladies, grab a bottle as the ultimate stocking stuffer. Humans everywhere – sit back and grab some ice, and pour yourself a beverage to warm up on our soon-to-be chilly nights.


Big thanks to I Heart Cleveland for showcasing the delicious cocktail at a little holiday shin-dig at The Black Pig. Enjoying the cocktails, the cheer, and winning/cheating at pin the cherry on the old fashioned was a killer way to spend a Wednesday! I can always count on you for a great party!

Disclaimer: I was invited to sample the new cocktail and was gifted a bottle to take home. All opinions are my own.

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