Home Alone at The Holidays

Welcome back folks. We made it – the first Tuesday of 2016. Posting or doing much of anything other than simply getting to the office would be too aggressive, so I figured I’d wait a day to jump back in here.


The holiday season is over, and I’m comfortable to admit to saying – good riddance. It was great, it was awesome, but I’m glad to get back to real life and stop eating so many appetizers and stop getting so drunk at holiday parties.


One absolutely amazing, blog-worthy holiday event I can’t resist talking about? Seeing The Cleveland Orchestra play the soundtrack to Home Alone with my mom.


It’s the holiday movie of all holiday movies. As a former Chicagoan, I can’t get enough of the perfect family life on the North Shore and Mrs. McCallister is basically mom-goals. The sentiment is perfect. IT’S JOHN HUGHES.


We had a great little dinner (with lots of wine) at Provenance beforehand and hustled over to Severance Hall for the show (with more wine). I just love a night out in University Circle.

Even though I’ve lived back here for 5 years I still can’t get over how lucky I am to live in a place with such amazing things like our orchestra. Is it lame to admit I teared up at the end?

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