Yes, I’m Still Freezing My Face

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post about why I decided to get Botox. It was my first jump into the plastic life and I haven’t seen looked back. I’m still getting my forehead fixed up every 3 – 4 months and couldn’t be happier. Admittedly, my parents and friends were a bit freaked out that I would look like… a freak, but since then my Mother has even admitted that I do look, refreshed…better.


So, some quick updates –

When my Botox wears off, my forehead wrinkles less. I have no medical proof if this is a thing – but my hope is that my forehead muscles are weaker, thus making it more difficult for my face to form wrinkles.

When my forehead is juiced up and frozen, the main culprit – my one, right top side wrinkle is nearly entirely gone.

Just recently I had my last treatment done at Skin Deep Medi Spa, as a test for Dysport. This is the first time I did not receive Botox. The spa is great, quick and the girl that needled me up looks a lot like Megan Fox. This is the kind of gal I want messing with the way I look.

So, why Dysport – apparently, again I’m not a doctor, but Dysport is faster acting then Botox (I can attest to this, my face froze a few days faster than normal). It is apparently also a better fit for younger women, or women will less deep wrinkles. I don’t need to go to Botox just yet. Dysport is a competitor and comparable product to Botox. It is slightly less expensive (at Skin Deep anyway).

I’m a few weeks into my Dysport face and couldn’t be happier. I’ll be making the jump to Dysport permanently until I’m told to upgrade. A faster set and a less expensive maintenance bill – a win win. If you visit them, tell them I sent you!

Update: here is an ‘after’ photo of my forehead. I’m trying to look as surprised as humanly possible, and there’s barely any movement.

Further, I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to go to a medi spa for these types of things. I felt I’d be in better hands with a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Now I realize that these spas do this all day long, and are very very good at it. Skin Deep Medi Spa is Ohio’s only Black Diamond Certified Medi Spa and they are Ohio’s #1 provider of Botox. So, when I say they do it all day long, they really do. They’re worth trusting.

Disclosure: My service was complimentary under then condition that I blog about it if happy with the results. All opinions are my own.

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