Best Dressed Oscars 2016

I admittedly had to put myself to bed at 10pm Sunday night after a too wild Saturday celebrating in my own black tie garb (that best dressed post, coming soon). Prior to my early bird bedtime I at least was able to enjoy the red carpet, Chris Rock’s monologue (Kappa, shout out (+) Exclusivity association (-)), and chow on some Thai food with friends while loafing in our sweats.

My run down on best dressed, in my opinion, included some major surprises.


I know you’re suppose to save the best for last, but I’m inpatient and want what I want.. and I want Rachel McAdams. Hands down best dressed. Sidebar: I love her as a blonde, brunette and redhead. Take me away Regina George.. let’s get weird and throw some knives around and play undercover on another season of Trude Detective. She slayed in this dress. That color, that back, that slit. Plus – how hard is it to wear silk? You cannot have an ounce of body fat and look that good. 10 points, Regina, 10 points.


Olivia Munn. You can do no wrong. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re smoking hot. All I want is for you to come over and sit on my couch and tell me that Newsroom is coming back and we can all live happily ever after. This burnt orange/red vintage-cut bodice killed. So classy.


Lady Gaga. You’re weird. I’m usually really annoyed with the shock value associated with everything you wear. That being said – I felt her commitment to something so refined, yet unexpected (pant suit life) was a nod to how seriously she takes her honor for the nomination and performance.

Charlize Theron. How is she a human being? She is a beautiful statue. Is she still dating Sean Penn?


but not least, Margot Robbie. She oozes sex and Wolf of Wall Street was
a major break out. I love her. It’s really difficult to wear sequins
and not look like you’re headed to your quinceanera. Margot balance this
look beautifully with her super relaxed hair and low key makeup. She is
a beauty! 

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