Summer Must Haves – Pack Your Beach Bag

Just in time to kick off Memorial Day weekend I joined the morning team at WOIO Channel 19 to share some ‘must haves’ for your beach bag. While the holiday is over, there are still a solid 14 weekends of summer to prepare for. Check out the segment below to make sure you’re set:

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

A few other things I’d add to the bag just from being out on the water last weekend that weren’t included in the video:

Wet wipes – because day drinking can get filthy, and we should clean up

A comb – because Lake Erie hair doesn’t do anyone any favors

A travel make up kit – because summer means going with the flow, and sometimes you have to go right from the beach, the boat, the party to, well, the next party! Ulta has this killer Smashbox kit that looks perfect, for $22 (heyyy)

What else would you add? It’s time we all beef up our arsenal.

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