To Make: Patron Pops

When you’re looking to wow your friends on a hot summer day with a cool cocktail, look no further than a Patron Pop! A modified take on a traditional Paloma, these bad boys are not only low calorie (and low in sugar) but also feature organic fruit juice and a retro throw back to those adorable Popsicle molds we all knew and loved as kids!


Adapted from this Bon Appétit recipe, play around with the following:

¼ cup of fresh grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice

¼ cup of mescal or tequila (we prefer Patron)

¼ cup of club soda


Keep in mind, that serving makes 1 cocktail – so you’ll need to multiply this out for however many Popsicle you’re looking to fill. Also keep in mind – the more alcohol you add, the less frozen these will become. My BFF is lucky enough to have a Sub-Zero Freezer, and her results make for a much more frozen treat.
Either way turn your freezer down to the lowest setting and make sure to let them sit overnight, at least.

As for the juice – I have an Omega juicer, so getting fresh fruit juice, while slightly labor intensive, is easy enough. You’ll also see we play around with the citrus we add, variety here is your friend and you can switch it up however you please! A few other fun fruit options to consider: blood orange, watermelon or cucumber! If you don’t have a juicer on hand, pick up the freshly squeezed version from your local grocer, and voila! Patron pops a plenty for your Summer day drinking fun 😉

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