Top Reasons to Make Carlsbad, CA Your Next Travel Destination

Referred to as “The Village by the Sea”
Carlsbad, California is a destination you’ll definitely want to add to your
travel list. Just 40 minutes away from downtown San Diego, this is one of the
state’s most ultimate beach towns. It is a great place to take your family,
head out for a fun weekend with the girls, or to explore on your own. The
beaches are quite serene and laidback while just a short distance away you’ll
find a host of shops, bars, and restaurants for you to explore. Below are a few
more reasons to give this place a try:

A Variety of Places to Stay

Located along the Pacific Coastline, you’ll find the accommodations in
Carlsbad to be some of the most charming. You can stay in a Carlsbad hotel with
an ocean view and a pool or look for one with additional amenities like
onsite bars and restaurants, golf courses, spas, and more.

Great Beaches

There are more than 7 miles of beaches
to enjoy in and near Carlsbad, all with a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Tamarack Beach, for instance, is great for those who love water sports and
would like to explore things like surfing. While other beaches located west of
Tamarack are more calm and soothing making them great
destinations for getting a tan or taking a pleasant stroll.

Fun Nightlife

Don’t let the family-friendly
environment and soothing beach town fool you. There are plenty of things to
indulge in after the sun has gone down. Carlsbad Village is the place to be at
night. There are tons of Irish pubs, wine bars, and dance clubs for you to get
your party on. Some of the most popular attractions include The Coyote Bar
& Grill, The Alley, and O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant.


Whether you’re traveling with kids or
consider yourself a child at heart, Legoland is a California attraction worth
visiting. The popular amusement park is designed to be fun for all ages. Walk
through a world of Legos, catch a thrill on some of the park’s fun rides, or
simply explore as you view large statues and buildings made completely from

Shop Til You Drop

Who doesn’t like a little retail
therapy while on vacation? Well, you don’t have to travel far in Carlsbad to
find some of the coolest places to shop. The town has a huge outlet mall packed
with some of the best brands like Nine West, Juicy Couture, and Coach. Carlsbad
Village also has a lot of little unique shops and boutiques with some great

Award-Winning Food

If you love to eat then you won’t be
disappointed in a town like Carlsbad. There are plenty of things to try no
matter what your preference or budget may be. Love the spiciness of Mexican
food? Try Miguel’s Cocina Mexican Restaurant. On a bit of a health kick? Try
the Naked Cafe. Into seafood? Then you have to give King’s Fish House Seafood
Restaurant. If you simply take a stroll down Carlsbad Village, you may also
find a ton of food trucks and tiny shops to get a bite to eat on a budget.

Tons of Things to Do

You won’t get bored visiting a town
like Carlsbad. If you love the water, you’ll enjoy paddle boarding, surfing,
jet skiing, and other watersports. The area also has parks where you can go hiking,
camping, or just take in the sites. There are several museums for exploring and
boardwalks galore to keep you entertained. Not to mention there always seems to
be some sort of fair, festival, or live event going on.

When most tourists think of traveling
to California, they think of destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, and
Sacramento. Those are all great places to travel, but hidden gems like Carlsbad
could be exactly what you need. As you can see, whether you’re planning a girls weekend or taking the family on a new adventure, there is no shortage of
things to do. It’s beautiful, fun-filled, and affordable – all the reasons to
make Carlsbad, CA your next vacation destination.

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